Global art advisors delivering bespoke concepts for arts and culture to companies and collectors.

IAM – International Arts Management was founded in 2007 to provide a new and customized approach to art consulting. Be it for individuals or for a company, experiencing art is highly personal and there is no single recipe for finding art which resonates with an individual or a company.
Our passion is to ease the way for clients to  discover new paths in the contemporary art world and to interact with artists, galleries and institutions to form rewarding collaborations.


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Dr. Ellen-Andrea Seehusen formerly managed international events, sponsoring and brand centers at BMW and Lufthansa.

In 2007 she founded IAM to deliver bespoke concepts to business leaders and companies.

Since then, she has initiated the Rolls-Royce Art Program, working directly with artists such as Isaac Julien, Yang Fudong and Angela Bulloch as well as with designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Charles Kaisin.

Since 2016, she's been advising on a real estate project in Mumbai.

"It has all been done before, but knowing how to combine different elements offers a new perspective. For art engagements to be successful, it is vital to choose a highly professional approach. With my experience, I not only offer services, but signature art programs."


Dr. Ellen-Andrea Seehusen stands at the intersection of art and business. She understands the needs of both artists and companies to create win-win relationships between the two.

A globally recognized art consultant, Dr. Seehusen established International Arts Management (IAM) in 2007 as a vital link between the worlds of business and art. The Munich-based creative consultancy provides curatorial and art acquisition advisory services to businesses and individual collectors around the world, helping companies and executives engage successfully with the art world. It delivers bespoke concepts for arts and culture to luxury brands, hotels, architects and real-estate developers.

With vast personal expertise and experience in the field, Dr. Seehusen has deep insight into the art world as well as corporate structures. Following extensive studies that spanned the United States, Germany and France, Dr. Seehusen worked as First Class Brand Manager at Lufthansa and as Manager for International Events and Sponsoring at BMW, always integrating art into marketing programs for the BMW Brand Centers. Since founding International Arts Management, she has worked with premium global brands, museums, institutions, artists, dealers and collectors from around the world.

  • Rolls-Royce Art Initiative: Isaac Julian, Venice Biennale
  • BMW Pavillon Munich: James Turrell
  • Rolls-Royce Art Initative: Art Drive, Studio Armand

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Our Services

  • Enhancing existing collections
  • Starting new collections
  • Direct contact with galleries
  • Personal contact with artists
  • Organizing art fair visits
  • Concepts and development of incorporating art into brands
  • Integrating art in architecture and developments
  • Commissioning art works
  • Fostering Social Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Culture
  • Organization of transports for artworks
  • Network of Art Shippers
  • International and national experience
Marketing and Public Relations
  • Worldwide Press Contacts and Network
  • Digital Strategies for Marketing and PR
  • Personal Approach and Direct Contact
  • Organization of Art Events
  • Private Tours of Museums and Exhibitions
  • Exclusive Visits to Studios and Private Collection
  • Exhibition Concepts
  • Insurance solutions
  • Securing your collections
  • Restoration and value maintenance

IAM International Arts Management is voluntarily committed to the Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) and the Bundesverband unabhängiger Kunstberater (BVUK) Code of Ethics which adheres to a core set of ethical principles. You can read the Code of Ethics here (APAA) and here (BVUK).

Furthermore, Dr. Ellen-Andrea Seehusen is a permanent boardmember of the Bundesverband unabhängiger Kunstberater (BVUK). The Bundesverband is highly committed to transparency and independent advising in the art market. Please find more information regarding the Verband and his policies
here (Website BVUK).

Press & Testimonials

  • "I would be happy to recommend Andrea and IAM for events in the arts world as she has demonstrated her skills very well across all parts of the events and consultancy process often with challenging circumstances, and has been instrumental in placing a number of prominent artists within the Rolls-Royce Arts Programme. It has been a pleasure to work with a professional with great attention to detail and I look forward to many more projects."

  • Her work on behalf of Rolls Royce involves an impressive list of contemporary artists: such as Angela Bulloch; Manal al Dowayan from Saudi Arabia; Morgan Wong, Hong Kong; Carlos Rolon, USA, and Ana Maria Tavares, Brazil. For BMW, she has commissioned works from James Turrell (USA), as well as from Fabrizio Plessi, Italy, and Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Belgium.

  • "It was a well thought through programme and offered something quite different for our clients. The introduction to Frieze, the detailed notes and background information on the galleries and artists and your useful supporting comments of artistic relevance for works that clients showed interest in."

  • "Ellen–Andrea has an exceptional sensitivity to artists and their work; for whom she is a passionate and highly knowledgeable advocate. An important figure within the contemporary art landscape, she is able to do extraordinary comissions that interface between the corporate and cultural industries."

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IAM Artcoaching

IAM International Arts Management is delighted to offer an inspiring and insightful compass through the art world. The customized art coaching could be a revision of the basics, a look at emerging artists or strategic advice to accentuate an existing collection. Dr. Ellen-Andrea Seehusen, Managing Director of IAM, will personally give you an overview on a variety of topics on developments in the art market and help you to find your way in a sometimes opaque art world. As it is a bespoke program of one, two or three days, suggestions and individual preferences will be added to the sessions.

Compass through the Art World

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Tools to help you on your path to discovery

To document the insights and key takeaways, every participant will receive a summary of key learnings made during the discussions. Furthermore, IAM will provide an Artist Watch List, presenting a selection of artists to keep an eye on and a suggested reading list to all participants.

  • The art coaching program is customized to the individual needs of the participants and includes a visit to a gallery, artist studio or art fair.
  • The core of the program is an outline of important art movements that changed the perception of art and provides an understanding of the path from the studio to the gallery to the art fair or the auction house.
  • The goal is to ease the way into the art world for newcomers and also to give strategies to buy art and engage in art events for art aficionados.

Recent art coaching in 2019 took place in: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Zurich, Dubai

Please contact us for more information or a personalized offer.

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