Just Help e.V.

IAM International Arts Management is proud to be a partner of Just help e.V. – an NGO focusing on empowering people to create a sustainable future. “Just help” is a community of business people, artists, and scientists creating innovative concepts and products. The overall aims of the NGO is to raise global social awareness and support projects and products that reduce C02 emission pollution, water waste, and the exploitation the earth that belongs to all of us. Aid projects under the umbrella of “just help” aim at empowerment of the stricken communities to solve problems concerning food, water and rebuilding in the long-term, not short-term financing.

JustHelp e.V.

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Kunst in der Bärenhöhle

We are very fortunate to have our IAM office in the courtyard of the Moradelli Haus in the center of Munich. The house was built in the 16th century in the Graggenauer area of old Munich. Legend has it, that in the last century the neighboring beer garten Dürnbräu used to keep their mascot, a bear, in the courtyard. Therefore our exhibition series regularly showing young artists in our office is a reference to the bear’s home. When he retired to the zoo in nearby Ottobrunn, he still received his beer every day they say. Thus, we like to think he was a happy bear.


At regular intervals we invite art academy students or young practicing artists to present their work in our office spaces and courtyard. We invite collectors, curators and selected guests to see the work and interact with the artist. Once a year we have a candlelight dinner in the medevil courtyard. The young artist is able to start interacting with future viewers and clients.