15 Years of the India Art Fair: How Diversity, Digital Innovation, and Art Patronage Shaped the Landscape of Contemporary Art in South Asia

Reflecting on the 15th anniversary of the India Art Fair (IAF), I’m thrilled to see its role as a pivotal showcase for modern and contemporary art in South Asia, growing alongside India’s economic expansion and cultivating a diverse new class of art aficionados. Here are three lessons I’ve gleaned from this year’s fair:


  1. The Power of Diversity and Inclusion: As the art world becomes more interconnected, the IAF stands at the forefront, bringing global visibility to Indian art. My years of attending the IAF have been particularly enriched by witnessing the fair’s dedication to showcasing a diverse range of artists and art forms. From intricate crafts like embroidery to the expanded design section, the fair beautifully mirrors contemporary trends in art.
  2. The Role of Digital Innovation and Art Patronage: The fair’s embrace of digital innovations broadened its audience and offered a platform for both renowned and emerging artists. It’s been a source of inspiration to see influential figures such as Nadia Samdani MBE and Tarana Sawhney champion the importance of patronage in shaping the future of the global arts scene. The continuous contributions of passionate collectors and patrons like Shalini Passi and Feroz Gujral have been instrumental in this journey.
  3. Brand Engagement:  The continued partnership with BMW as the presenting partner has further shaped the IAF’s trajectory. From my experience at BMW, I started my own endeavors as an art consultant connecting art and companies. Thus, a highlight for me was the talk moderated by former colleague Prof. Dr. Thomas Girst, featuring established artists discussing the transformative power of creativity in forging a brighter collective future.

My experience at this year’s fair was especially memorable, reconnecting with collectors, clients, and friends, rekindling old relationships and forging new ones. It’s these interactions that underscore the true essence of the IAF – a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and collaboration.


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