Philip Guston „I paint what I want to see“

Philip Guston, a remarkable painter recently celebrated at Tate Modern, was a multifaceted artist and is also known for his writings and teachings at art academies. We explored the recently published book „I Paint What I Want to See“, finding it a compelling recommendation for this season’s reading. Transitioning from abstract expressionism to figurative painting in the late 60s, Guston’s evolving critique has left an indelible mark on contemporary art, cementing his legacy as one of the most influential American painters of the last century.

The book amalgamates diverse materials like presentations, interviews, and studio notes, offering a rich array of topics. It features Guston’s admiration and detailed analysis of art history, particularly the works of Piero della Francesca from the 15th century. The content also unveils Guston’s gradual transition from abstraction to figuration, providing insights into his studio practices. This comprehensive collection showcases various facets of the artist’s journey, making it a captivating read for fall and winter evenings.

Philip Guston: I Paint What I Want To See


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